Qemi offers the best Surfactants/Crystallizing aids for the Vacuum Pans in the Cane Sugar Industry

September Blog – Qemi

It is crucial to carefully monitor the materials and chemicals that go into each step of the cane sugar manufacturing process. One of the crucial steps in sugar production is boiling sugar cane juice in vacuum pans. Boiling time and massecuite fluidity is are the two main factors that affect crystallization. Surface tension also affects the overall heat transfer in the vacuum pans.

Use of Surfactants in the Cane Sugar Industry

As the name suggests, surfactants activate the surface of a liquid. Surfactants are molecules with a water-heating and a water-loving side that combine with the boiling cane juice to reduce its surface tension and viscosity and improve the heat efficiency of the heat pans.

Although many surfactants on the market can be used for this, the FDA has only specifically approved two main ingredients for use in the cane sugar process.

The good news is that both these products are available at Qemi International. They are :

  • Methyl Glucoside-coconut oil ester( FDA CFR 172.816)
  • Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate (DOSS) (FDA CFR 172.810)

Qempian Aid

Qempian Aid contains Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate and can be used in vacuum pans for manufacturing unrefined sugar. It aids circulation, resulting in greater fluidity, emulsification of gums, control of mucilaginous substances and calcium salts, reduction in boiling time, and better crystal quality. The increased fluidity will provide brisk and better exhaustion of the molasses too.

Qempian Aid can also be used in crystallizers or syrup and molasses tanks to gain greater fluidity and prevent foam formation and slime deposits on the tank walls.


QEMI CB-6 contains Methyl Glucoside-coconut oil ester, enhancing crystallization in sugar production when added to pans. It is a water soluble surfactant whose properties shorten the time it takes for liquids to boil, aid in emulsification, reduce foaming, and lower the viscosity of the cooked mass, which leads to the formation of crystals that are more uniform in size.

Better temperature management is made possible by THE QEMI CB-6. Adequate heat transfer and circulation result in more uniform crystals with better color, less sugar ash, and better filterability. Qemi CB 6 also helps in the operational difficulties of muddy, frozen, and delayed cane.

Adding a small amount of these chemicals, which strictly adhere to FDA regulations, will yield better quality sugar output in less time. These chemicals are highly concentrated and 100% active, so make sure you store them closed and away from heat. The usage depends on the purity of syrup – for higher purity, a smaller amount can be used.


If you need more information on these remarkable products and their usage, contact our experts at Qemi International. With our comprehensive range of products for cane sugar and other industries, you will indeed find whatever you need for your company. Let the chemicals compound your business!