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Water Retention Aid

HIDROKEEPER is a white granular water-absorbent polymer powder specifically designed to absorb and retain large quantities of water and nutrients for use in agriculture, horticulture and, forestry. HIDROKEPER hydrates upon contact with water and turns into a transparent gel that serves as a reservoir for water and later passes the water to the plant roots when needed. Each gram of HIDROKEPER absorbs up to half a liter of distilled water and increases its weight up to five hundred times. In cultivated soil, a gram of HIDROKEEPER absorbs, on average, 200-300 millimeters of running water (depending on the salt and mineral content of the soil). Due to its reversible characteristic, 95% of the retained water will be accessible to the plant’s roots.

Erosion Control Aid

HIDROFIX  is a water-soluble polymer that improves soil-porosity as its suspended fine particles flocculate to the surface, reducing soil-erosion that is caused by irrigation or water-sprinkling systems. Sprayed in diluted quantities all over the area to be treated, HIDROFIX  forms a synthetic network that improve both soil cohesion and water infiltration. The resulting hydrophilic properties promotes soil stabilization and improves seed-germination and root development. HIDROFIX  can also used as a soil stabilizer that fights against environmental wind and water soil erosion.