Worldwide Integrated Solutions for your Specialty Chemical Needs

Worldwide Integrated Solutions for Your Specialty Chemical Needs

Having the right chemical products for your workflows can make all the difference in your success and productivity. Qemi International provides access to an extensive selection of high-quality chemical and agricultural products, advice, and support for your applications. From foam control solutions to polymers and more, our unique formulations deliver value to your workflows no matter the industry that you work within.

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Qemi International, founded in Kingswood, TX, is a trusted chemical product industry name. Our international customers can count on us for quality products for various applications. We support you at every step, offering exceptional communication with local, national, and global shipping options to meet our customer’s needs wherever they are. To discover more about our products or to request a quote, call us today at 281-359-8188.

Our Commitment

Our highly experienced staff, representatives, and distributors around the world are committed to helping you find the chemical solutions that deliver optimum value and performance to your specific application.
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What we offer



At Qemi we pride ourselves on caring and responding quickly to our clients’ individual needs. Through our network of distributors, representatives, and production facilities strategically located around the world. 


Customized Solutions

We utilize the most innovative and world-class resources available to formulate quality products that are tailor-made to meet specific needs.  We pride ourselves on responding quickly to our customers’ needs. 


Supply Chain Management Solutions and Logistics Experts

We excel at delivering our expansive portfolio of products around the world by using the fastest and most cost-effective
shipping options by land, ocean, or air freight.


Product Quality

Through our global alliances, we are able to offer high-quality products for a wide range of chemical applications and processes. 


Environmentally Conscious

We strive to continuously offer environmentally safe and eco-friendly solutions to improve our commitment to a sustainable future.


Best-in-class Products

Across the globe we make sure to deliver not only superior service but also best-in-class products.

Our Products

Whether your product needs are in water treatment, sugar processing, foam control, eco-friendly agriculture products, or many others, Qemi answers the call for superior service, value, and best-in-class products across the globe.



Cane Sugar Processing Chemicals

Cane Sugar Processing

Foam Control

Foam Control

waste Water

Waste Water

Potable Water

Potable Water



Dont take our word for it.

Zuchem Ltda. - Colombia

“Our business relationship with Qemi expands over 20 years. We have always had the support of an excellent supplier in every way: from their exceptional product quality, their extraordinary efficiency in logistics, to the professionalism of the superb business management; Which aside from making Qemi an excellent supplier, the Management Team is what makes Qemi Stand out as a remarkable business partner.  Their knowledge and support have allowed us to grow and have a very satisfying business experience. We hope to continue working with them in many more years to come.”

Espinsa S.A. - El Salvador

“Our Company Especialidades Industriales S.A. de C>V (Espinsa) located in El Salvador, Central America, has had a commercial relationship with Qemi International, Inc. for over 20 years, in which they have provided products of excellent quality as well as first-class service, we are very happy to consider Qemi International, Inc. as one of our preferred and esteemed suppliers.”

Multiservicios y Proyectos J.R.

“We hereby state that we have worked successfully together with QEMI International, with whom we have excellent communication and have achieved good sync which is reflected in a good personal and working relationship. QEMI team works under the philosophy of quality, prompt response and support and we get that every time we work with them”

Dresden Lab - Lima Peru

“When working with Qemi Intl, we are sure we are getting quality & recognized products, prompt answers to our inquiries and 100% support from the whole team. We’ve appreciated collaborating with them over the past few years as they have an array of alternatives at hand and always provide both information and product in an organized and efficient manner.”


“We are very grateful to Qemi for always taking care of our chemical needs, meeting our delivery terms, and providing quality chemicals.”

GFS Solucines Verdes del Bosque S.A. - San Jose Costa Rica

“Our company GFS Solucines Verdes del Bosque S.A. Located in San Jose Costa Rica, has had a commercial relationship with Qemi International, Inc. since 2015. During these past 6 years all products received had been of quality and delivered responsibly within the estimated time frame requested.
We are very satisfied and honored to have Qemi International as a commercial ally in our business.”