Boiler Water

Qemi International provides a complete line of boiler water treatment chemicals.
Heating equipment in a boiler room of the large enterprise.

Boiler Water Applications

A sampling of products is shown below. Additional products are available which are not shown on our web site. Please contact us with your specific requirements.


Industry/application Polymer usage benefit/application
QEMITREAT 7700 Condensate Treatment – Neutralizing Amines
QEMITREAT 7500 Dispersant & Scale Inhibitor – Phosphate / Chelant
QEMITREAT 7002 Dispersant & Scale Inhibitor – Phosphate / Polymer
QEMITREAT SC 8052 Dispersant & Scale Inhibitor – Polymer / Sulfite / Antifoam
QEMITREAT 7005 Dispersant & Sequestrant – Polymeric Dispersant
QEMITREAT BA 8659 Foam-Control – Polymer / Sulfite
QEMITREAT FOA (C) Fuel Oil Additive – Complex Blend
QEMITREAT FOA Fuel Oil Additive – Complex Blend
QEMITREAT 7310 Oxygen Scavenger – Liquid Sodium Sulfite
QEMITREAT 7300 Oxygen Scavenger – Powder Catalyzed Sodium Sulfite
Sodium Hexametaphosphate Sequestrant & Corrosion Inhibitor

Qemi International’s sister company
Nova-Tech International offers a full line of Process Control Instrumentation, metering pumps, mixers and agitators, sensors and electrochemistry instruments, and laboratory equipment.


Boiler Control Instrumentation
PULSAtrol Boiler Controllers provide microprocessor-based control of a boiler system. Accurately control the level of dissolved solids based on µS/cm on a timed, held, or continuous sample basis, and control the alkaline of system water in units of pH.

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