Diatomaceous Earth Filter Aid for the Sugar Industry


Does your company work in the sugar industry? If that’s the case, you’re probably well aware of the detrimental effects that suspended solids in sugar cane juice have on the quality of sugar that you produce.

Sugar cane juices that have high turbidity are something to avoid both in raw sugar manufacturing and in the manufacturing of direct consumption and refined sugars. High turbidity leads to poor cleanliness and filterability of raw sugars, as well as off-colored or dull-appearing sugars that do not look appealing to consumers. Whenever people see yellowish traces in sugar, they immediately lose trust in its quality.

Are you dedicated to producing organic sugar? Keep reading to learn more about how diatomaceous earth filter aidscan help you achieve your goals.

Different Methods of Sugar Production

Sugar can be produced organically or non-organically. Whenever chemicals, such as ion-exchange resins, are used to filter sugarcane juices, the resulting product is considered non-organic.

The global market for organic sugar is projected to expand, reaching 2870.02 million USD by 2030. As more consumers become aware of the benefits of nutritious food, the consumption of organic sugar is a growing trend that you should not miss. Having only organic sugar is a step toward making sure that customers have access to a constellation of nutrients found in sugar cane, including antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins B6 and C.

Why Choose Diatomaceous Earth Filter Aids?

As we covered in our previous blog, diatomaceous earth (DE) is a name used to describe fossilized diatoms, ancient single-celled algae. This sedimentary rock is a highly efficient filtering agent because of its high porosity and abrasive nature.

Research has shown that DE is a magic bullet for removing color and turbidity from sugarcane juices. In fact, the turbidity of juice that is treated with DE is much lower than in cases where it’s treated with other methods.

EP Minerals offers Celatom Filter White (FW) flux-calcined diatomaceous earth (DE). These filter aid grades are non-toxic to humans and animals. They have a permeability range of 420-20,000 millidarcies. EP Minerals mines the ore used for DE production in Nevada and Oregon. Then they crush and pyro-process the raw ore to produce high-quality filter media. EP Minerals are experts in their field, and you can trust them to deliver first-grade solutions.

Not only that, but EP Minerals is a company that embraces sustainability. With climate change being an ongoing concern as temperatures around the globe are climbing to record highs, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that EP has long-term reclamation plans and wildlife programs in places where they mine.

At Qemi International, we are proud to represent EP Minerals’ products. If you are looking for world-class filter solutions for your company to produce the best quality sugar, contact us today! Let’s harness the powers of naturally occurring DE to reduce turbidity in sugarcane juice without reverting to the use of chemicals. Let’s work together to deliver organic sugar to people all around the world.